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Welcome to The Patouche Kennel

The Patouche Kennel’s aim is to produce good working dogs which conform completely to the French breed standard.

We prefer to use mainly French stud dogs or occasionally British Brittanys whom we know work.

The bloodlines we breed

To date we have imported 21 dogs mainly from the working Keranlouan kennel, but later on also added other bloodlines from the Du Bois Saussin, de St Lubin, du Petit Odon, de Tremouard, du Domaine St Anne, de Skol Louarn and des Plumes des Marais du Cotentin. In 2015 we added Lydie Du Clos de Memphis who combines Italian blood and is line bred to Ebert de Keranlouan. Since then we brought in two bitches from from Michel Corre, whose lines include de la Source aux Perdrix, and from des Plumes des Marais du Cotentin. Finally may we introduce a bitch puppy from de la Riviere Ouareau lines, sired by our own Patouche Milord to add to the UK and Irish gene pool.

Upholding True Traditions

We are not interested in just producing Show Champions. Our aim is to uphold the true traditions of the breed and keep them working.

To date Patouche is proud to have owned and/or bred 8 Champions in the UK, 4 of them are Full champions. Though our dogs include many French “Elite” studs in their Pedigree, we try to avoid the “Popular Sires” and believe in Genetic diversity for Health.

We endeavour to go to France on a regular basis and keep our dogs assessed by also showing whenever we can, especially at the Nationale D’Elevage which unites the best from all over the World. We are proud to say that our dogs have been placed consistently there.

Naturally Tailless Puppies

We are committed to importing from kennels who have the working side and strong conformation of the breed at heart.  Only the best will do. We have been producing some naturally tailless puppies, without compromising on quality.  We also intend to continue legally docking our puppies to enable future owners to work safely.

Not for the faint hearted!

Our Brittanys are true to their working background, and our Hunter-Pointer-Retrievers have excellent scenting and quartering ability combined with speed, and are not for the faint-hearted. Their minds are inquisitive and for this reason are not always suitable for novice pet owners; they can however, put their mind to agility and obedience. We are always available for help and advice after our puppies leave.

Our Latest News

Patouche Pistache wins her 1st CC

Patouche Pistache wins her 1st CC

Patouche Pistache wins her 1st CC! “Pistache" won her first BCC under breed specialist Joanne Robinson at Darlington Champ Show in Oct 2023!  It was such a surprise, but this judge gave Pistache's grandmother Sh Ch Patouche Baileys her 3rd CC at SKC champ show a...

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Milord gains his full Champion title

Milord gains his full Champion title

Champion Patouche Milord “Milord" won his third CC at the Brittany Club championship show in July under breed specialist, founder member and President of the Brittany Club of GB.  He achieved his Show Gundog Working Certificate in Nov 2022 at a Novice field trial in...

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Pistache in France

Pistache in France

France News In both her French outings, Patouche Pistache achieved a 4th Excellent at "Speciale" show Amiens, and also a "Exc" at the Nationale D'elevage 2022... amongst serious competition.  Help & AdviceWe are always happy to help and advise you on our breed. If...

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Help & Advice

We are always happy to help and advise you on our breed. If you require information about our dog’s breeding, puppies, their working characteristics, or possibly their suitability to yourselves please feel free to contact us.

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