Docking Brittanys

Following the French lead, it is our intention to retain the breed as it was developed; and that is for working. Therefore, without tails.

We intend to strive towards breeding naturally tailless dogs, and probably from French studs.

The thoughts behind our reasoning; Brittanys are a working breed; they will go into cover that will often be thick and can injure tails.  It is well known fact that a puppy does not have a developed nervous system like lambs (that are castrated and docked).

Docking IS NOT a cosmetic exercise.

HPR’s have been docked for decades.

A Brittany is described as a Cob, having a tail will make it look long.

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We are always happy to help and advise you on our breed. If you require information about our dog’s breeding, puppies, their working characteristics, or possibly their suitability to yourselves please feel free to contact us.

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